International Watercolor Society Hong Kong

The International Watercolor Society of Hong Kong is a registered non-profit community in Hong Kong since April 2015 with the objective of promoting the world’s oldest and most deeply rooted painting techniques – the art of watercolor. It is a branch of International Watercolor Society (IWS), Mr. Atanur Dogan, founder of the international watercolor society, initiated it with the aims of exchanging proposals and artistic beauty of watercolors. The headquarter is now located in (Teos) Turkey and since its establishment, it has extended cross culturally, with more than 80 branches of IWS formed around the world. The IWS from each country branch hold exhibitions from time to time and invite renowned watercolor artists all over the world for participation.

Our Purpose:
As great aficionados of watercolor, it is our hope that watercolor practice and tradition continue and the enthusiasm for it be passed on to the next generation. We hope to leave a great legacy behind by pioneering a global network of support for watercolor artists with the creation of international watercolor communities where race, religion, politics and distance will not be a barrier. It is our hope that we may be able to contribute to the promotion, development and further evolution of watercolor art through the international festivals, exhibitions and activities that allow artists, academicians and experts in the field to interact and share ideas on both traditional and new approaches to watercolor.

Team Member

Chairman: Ze Ze Lai


Rainbow Tse

K.P. Maggie

Yau Wai Hoi

Edmund Kan

Mingo Li

Elaine Chiu